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About Liebkind

Liebkind was founded in 2017 in Hamburg, Germany.

We are a company focused on supplying German made GMP Certified high-quality nutraceuticals that provide optimal health support.

Liebkind’s unique formulas of vitamin complexes and plant-based extracts since 2017 have helped improve the health of many satisfied customers. 

Liebkind is the place, where modern pharmacy meets innovative herbal extracts technology to reach the best and most natural health support for humankind.

Mission | Vision | Values

We understand your requirement and provide quality in return.

To create and supply clean, honest and natural nutraceuticals to promote and support a healthier life.


To support the health of people through high-quality natural nutraceuticals, especially for women and mothers.


• Integrity and ethics • Product quality and reliability • Direct, open, and honest communication • Commitment to clients • Continuous improvement / self renewal • People as the source of our strength • Love for health

Concerns & Solutions

Concerning facts that drive us towards our mission and values​



Malnutrition, in all its forms, includes undernutrition, inadequate vitamins or minerals, overweight, obesity and resulting diet-related non-communicable diseases – 1.9 billion adults are overweight or obese, while 462 million are underweight.

Modern world
side effects

With todays modernised, competitive fast-paced lifestyle and ever increasing stressful conditions, people are more susceptible to diseases and even though modern medicine cure is available for most disorders, it comes at a price: they are associated with a variety of side effects and their compositions many times include unnecessary ingredients and chemicals harmful to ones health.

Artificial additives

Not only in medicines but also standard nutraceuticals contain artificial additives without nutritional physiology resulting in no effects.

Overdosing vitamins

Overdose of multivitamins complexes that can be harmful to the consumer.

Why us? Our Solutions


High quality products

Liebkinds made in Germany and GMP certified products focus on a selection of high quality raw materials, herbal extracts and vitamins which often require very small, narrowly-distributed fineness’s down into the nanometer range in order to achieve a faster and greater effectiveness and therefore greater bioavailability.


Needs based formulas

Our formulas are for more exact and safe dosis and erasing side effects by eliminating unnecessary ingredients.


Adapted to modern lifestyle

In todays busy lifestyle we offer a practical solution for supplementing nutrition that is easy to integrate through capsules as intake rather than teas or other ways that require preparation.


Transparent & costumer oriented

Clear, honest, transparent labels and product info


Management team

Gülsah Wilcke

Founder & CEO

Her Industrial Engineering background gives her the perfect tools to a great optimisation of operations and products as well as observing production in quality management terms. A mother with passion for people and technic, Gülsah is the creator and main engine in the supply of natural supplements to enrich peoples lives.

Diana Neto

Head of International Sales & MKT

After 6 years working on supply of natural alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters in the animal health industry, it was time to become active in directly supporting Human health. A communication expert with the mission of assisting others worldwide on having a healthier lifestyle, she is the main bridge between Liebkind and brand ambassadors in other countries.

Beatrice Bogat

Creative Director

Creating the corporate identity, she gave the company and its brand their appearance from the start. Due to her studies in IT and design she has more than only design competences which resulted in the implementation of a user-friendly website, next to the brand and product design. Her heart beats for creativity, human connection and good causes, for which she finds herself in a position of the Creative Director as the connection for all of that.

Claudia Skoruppa

Network Marketing

As a passionate mother of two and with a marketing background she is working with us to help spread the word about our products, connecting with people and giving valuable input for customers and clients in the german market. She is a woman for everything, bringing her expertise in every field needed with her perspective of a mother.



Worldwide Sales



Satisfied Clients



Positive Feedbacks

Liebkind birth

When Liebkind’s CEO and founder Gülsah Wilcke got pregnant, she had the need to change her diet and dealt with the topic of vitamin-rich and needs-based nutrition.

Gülsah understood that pregnancy supplements were mostly available in terms of nutrient support and therefore were mostly made of added unnecessary ingredients.

Together with Sabrina Polat, a pharmaceutical technician, she started to develop the first ideas for better, more honest and more efficient nutraceutical products to help other pregnant women.

With a range of natural, high-quality and transparent supplements the company Liebkind was born.

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