femBona at MCB exhibition in Shenzhen, China

From the 3rd to the 5th of November 2019 Liebkind was glad to present femBona brand and its product range in the Maternity, Children and Baby products exhibition (short MCB) in Shenzhen, China.

Diana Neto, Head of International Sales for Liebkind, had the pleasure to support femBonas chinese partner in this exhibition welcoming the visit of many, between families and retailers, who have shown high interest in the German made high-quality nutraceuticals, especially for the motherhood range of products.

MCB exhibition resulted also in a growth of the brands exposure when both Shenzhen local TV and CCTV (Chinas National TV) interviewed and broadcasted femBonas local partner and booth.

Already established in China, Liebkind looks forward to further activity that will support the continuous growth in such important market while being its mission to support female health worldwide.

Chinese news video (via facebook):




Hosenmatz magazine presents femBona® as the brand for female health

Hosenmatz, a well-known and respected printed magazine in Germany, commonly found in hospitals and clinics featured Liebkind brand femBona® in their health section of the Winter 2019 edition.

In the one page article it tells the birth of femBona® when its CEO Gülsah Wilcke while pregnant herself needed supplementation and could not find clean, transparent nutraceuticals that had a clear concern for her health which lead her to start her own product range to then support other women in such important stage of life.

Additional products like Mothermilk are featured as the natural alternative for breastfeeding support being 100% herbal based adjusted to mothers of all lifestyles with vegan capsules.

Hosenmatz concludes by writing that femBona® develops holistic products that address specific challenges in different life stages of women. The focus is on herbal extracts as well as vegan and sensibly combined vitamins at the pharmacy level. femBona® is THE brand for the modern and mindful woman.




New, elegant pharmacy display for femBona® products

In October 2019 femBona® had the pleasure to present some of its partner pharmacies with a brand-new design product display.

Its modern design and compelling pictures along with the bright but elegant colors communicate clearly the femBona® concept and mission and therefore grabs the immediate attention of the target audience.

With space to present the complete range of products, pharmacies are happy to use this display, standing out and bringing more aliveness to the business.

For Liebkind this is one step further in creating means of communication that please both partners and end users and there are plans to expand with more and innovative ways.